Happy news

Release date:2018-01-30 Reading times: 1711



On January 27th, Hangzhou Newlong Rishang Biological Products Co., Ltd. won the “Goldest Growth Technology Type in Zhejiang Province” at the awarding ceremony of the 2nd Zhejiang Province's Top 100 Growth Science and Technology Top 100 Enterprises and Zhejiang Entrepreneurship Innovation Excellence Entrepreneur The “Top 100 Enterprises” award, and the chairman of New Long Rishang, Dr. Qian Yongchang, also won the title of “Excellent Entrepreneur in Zhejiang Province”.


This award is a symbol of the growth of Hangzhou New Dragon and the industry's recognition of New Dragon. Newlong will adhere to the core values of honesty, dedication, enterprising and innovation, doing professional things, serious products and first-class customer experience.