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Company Introduction 
HangZhou NeuroPeptide Biological Science and Technology (NUPTEC) Incorporation, Limited, a joint-venture high-tech company co-founded by a Chinese-American recruited by The Recruitment Program of Global Experts of Zhejiang Province and a private enterprise. NUPTEC is devoted to modern biotechniques based on DNA recombination and molecular cloning and combined the engineering of microorganism fermentation with the purification of bio-active proteins/peptides. The company independently engages in research and development, manufacturing, and marketing for bio-active peptides.
The company owns a standardized R&D center lead by a Chinese-American Professor. The research team consists of well-trained scientists holding Master and Ph.D. degree in microbiology, biochemical engineering, neurobiology, cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology. The R&D center has a variety of precise equipment and instruments. The company’s core techniques are at the forefront of national and international biotech fields and supported by numerous patents, ensuring high quality products and services.
Hangzhou NUPTEC Rising Bioproducts Incorporation, Limited, a new 2,000 square meters of manufacturing base including 600 square meters GMP facility with class 100,0000 US FED-STD-209E cleanroom standards, was established in 2013. The company has become one of the top factories manufacturing active protein/peptide bioproducts. NUPTEC manufactures three main categories of products: bio-active proteins including protein A, protein G, streptavidin, rh-SOD1, rh-VEGF165, rh-GH, and rh-bFGF, biological isolating materials including protein A-conjugated sepharose resin, protein G-conjugated sepharose resin, and VEGF-conjugated sepharose resin, and PEPADMIER series biological skin-care products.
The company adheres to the mission that we not only owe the capability of independent research and development but also open mind to explore the cooperation with others. It aims to breaking through international giant’s monopoly, building a national brand, promoting the rapid development of national biotechnology industry, and navigating private enterprises’ transfer from traditional industry to high-tech industry.


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